Seminole Tribe of Florida Tutoring Survey

Thank you for participating in our Tutoring Survey.Your opinion is important to us, through your input we continue to provide excellent academic support to the students of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.



* 1. My child's academic goals are clearly communicated.

* 2. I have access to my child's tutor and or tutoring company when I have a question or concern.

Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Don't Know

* 3. I am satisfied that my child's instructional needs are being met.

* 4. The tutor/tutoring company takes the time to help my child achieve his or her personal best.

* 5. The tutor/ tutoring company keeps me well informed of my child's academic progress.

* 6. I am comfortable raising an issue or concern with the staff at the Center for Student Success and  Services.

* 7. Please provide any additional feedback on how to improve the tutoring program.