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* 3. Which service did you receive on your last visit at Chrysalis?

* 4. What aspect of the service were you most satisfied by?

* 5. What aspect of the service were you least satisfied by? If you were supremely relaxed and happy please select N/A.

* 6. Please rate each item below

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree
My reservation call was handled quickly and efficiently
The check-in process was easy and comfortable
My therapist(s) cared about me and my relaxation
I felt comfortable and welcomed by my therapist(s) during my visit
All my questions were answered clearly by knowledgeable staff
The check-out process was efficient and simple

* 7. Thinking of services offered by other spas, how would you compare those to your service(s) at Chrysalis Spa?

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