Please complete the following questions in as much detail as possible.

* 1. Please identify your programming workshop

* 2. What is your program or activity?

* 3. Please describe your program or activity in detail.

* 4. When would the program or activity occur? (midweek, weekend, morning, mid-day, evenings)

* 5. How often would the program or activity take place? (daily, weekly, monthly, annually)

* 6. How long is the program or activity? (30, 60, 120 minutes)

* 7. What is the typical price or what should the program or activity cost to participate?  

* 8. How many people typically participate or are required to participate in the program or activity (min./max.)

* 9. What equipment is needed to offer the program or activity? (nets, balls, stage, podium, speakers, tables)

* 10. What technology is required to host the program or activity? (Wi-Fi, TV, projectors, lights)

* 11. How and where is the equipment stored? (how much space is required at the facility?)

* 12. What are the facility requirements needed to provide the activity? (space, scoreboard, flooring, power, windows, mirrors, ceiling height, privacy, security, etc.)

* 13. What staffing or volunteer requirements are needed to provide the program or activity? (Town staff, volunteers, umpires, referees, etc.)

* 14. Other?

* 15. Use the box below to include any additional comments or to further elaborate on any other programming and/or facility recommendations.