We'd Like to Get to Know You and Your Story

Hi there, Writer! This quiz assumes you are a great writer, have a children's story you'd like to submit, and truly feel your story is a good fit for Red Piggy Press. If this isn't quite true, bookmark this page for later and join us over on Facebook (www.facebook.com/redpiggypress) to learn more about Red Piggy and give yourself more time to write.

* 1. Please describe your story in 140 characters or fewer. (A challenge!) Also include your name here, please.

* 2. How is your story best suited to be a children's book app?

* 3. Which published children's book app(s) is your story most similar to? Please provide links and any comments.

* 4. How does your story tackle weighty issues? Not sure what that means? Go here first: http:www.redpiggypress.com/submissions

* 5. How does your story help children use critical thinking (or problem solving) skills?

* 6. If your story also included a game within that enriched the story, what game do you imagine? A brief description is fine.

* 7. Are you associated with any nonprofit organizations that would benefit from the app? Which ones and how?

* 8. If your story was published through Red Piggy Press, would you be willing and able to tell people about it online? If so, how?

* 9. What is your email address, so we can send a submission request (usually within 2 weeks) if it seems like we're a good fit?