Community Survey

Red River Regional Council (RRRC) is one of eight regional planning councils in North Dakota established to enhance the ability of local governments to jointly plan, address issues, and seize opportunities that transcend individual boundaries. One of the ways we do this is by developing our communities through infrastructure improvements, home rehabilitation for low income households, and implementation of community improvement projects. RRRC has the connections, expertise and resources to support your community's projects.
We know there are significant infrastructure and municipal needs around our region and we want to position ourselves to tell a comprehensive story to decision makers as they prepare budgets and consider developing additional funding opportunities to assist North Dakota communities.
Please help us by participating in this short survey. Input from city council members, staff, public works department employees and city engineers is encouraged. Thank you for participating. Your feedback is important.
Please respond by December 15, 2014.

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* 1. Information About Your Community:

Please identify future improvements your community will need within the next five years and provide an estimated cost.

INFRASTRUCTURE                           ESTIMATED COST

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* 2. Municipal Water System

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* 3. Briefly explain the Municipal Water System problem or need: