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1. What is your affiliation with Stanford?

2. The Athletic Director has chosen to sell seats in section 13 (the part of the student section that faces the Stanford bench) for the two most popular games of the year, against UCLA and USC. Does this bother you?

3. Neither the Men's Basketball Office nor representatives from the 6th Man Club were included on discussions regarding selling seats in the student section. Was this appropriate or acceptable?

4. If you are a student, are you in the 6th Man Club? (If you're not a student, please skip to question 8)

5. If not, why not? (check all that apply; if you are a member, skip to question 8)

6. If you selected other, please describe

7. Of the reasons listed, which was MOST important? (check one)

8. Is it important to you that the 6th Man Club is run by students, for students?

9. Do you have any other comments?