About the Survey

The following survey was created by a small group of folks trying to listen in to the conversation among Lutheran-Emergents.

Years ago, there was a group called Emerging Leaders Network. That group was created to support a group of Lutherans exploring alternative ways of being church. Over the years that group has evolved into "Luthermergent" which is currently an umbrella for anyone, any group or any place where people identify with both being "Lutheran" and engaging the emerging culture. Sometime connections are made between those people and places - sometimes not so much.

The purpose of this survey is to simply gather some information about what need a Luthermergent network might serve and what that might look like. Over the next year, we aim to make ourselves available for listening to you and building relationships to help inform this.

Please send all love-mail / hate-mail to:

Tim Snyder | tksnyder@gmail.com