Thank you for your interest and welcome to the 2014-2015 Alaska Grown Restaurant Rewards Program!

This program runs from July 1, 2014 - June 30th 2015.

This program is intended for food service operations defined as any restaurant, caterer,
or food vendor (i.e. booth at a fair or farmers market) and is NOT intended for schools,
Universities, institutions, or food vendors that service a school, University, or institution.

The Alaska Division of Agriculture (ADOA) reserves the right to audit any food service
operation enrolled in this program to verify they meet the following requirements:

1) Food service must be in Alaska.
2) Food service must promote Alaska Grown specialty crops in their establishments
and menu.
3) Eligible products must be 100% Alaska Grown sold by an Alaska Grown member, distributor,
farmers market, or grocery store.
4) Eligible products are any type of Alaska Grown specialty crop intended for consumption
(fruits, vegetables, honey, syrup, jam, jelly and flowers).
5) Items currently NOT eligible for this program due to the source of funding: all meat originating
from livestock and poultry raised in Alaska, eggs, products such as cheese, mead, sauces, etc.,
all aquaculture products raised or harvested in Alaska, beer, spirits, and water, and all dairy products.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jacquelyn Schade at:

Specialty Crops: Fruits, Vegetables, Honey, Syrup, Jam, Jelly, and Flowers