Agency Staff Survey

This survey is designed to assist with DAODAS / SAMHSA TA as it relates to workforce development. Your answers are anonymous as we are just collecting statistics.

* 3. What is your job title or position?

* 4. What is your primary role within the agency?

* 5. How many years have you been in the field?

* 6. Do you plan to leave the field in the next...

* 7. What is/would be your reason for leaving?

* 8. What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed? If currently enrolled, highest degree received.

* 9. If you provide services to clients/patients/participants, which of the following groups do you serve primarily?

* 10. What age groups do you serve primarily?

* 11. What gender group do you serve primarily? Check all that apply:

* 12. What is your current Certification or License or Education? Check all that apply.

* 13. Age

* 14. Gender

* 15. Race/Ethnicity