Events, Classes, and Workshops Survey

We are asking all members of our congregation to participate in this survey to determine the kinds of activities they would most like to have at Unity of the White Mountains and that would be best attended. We'll also ask about preferred topics, dates, and times. This survey is completely anonymous.  Press "DONE" at the bottom of the survey to submit your answers.  Thanks in advance for your input!

* 1. Which of these small groups, classes, and workshops would you be likely to attend? Check all that apply.

  1 hour 2 hours Half day Full day Multiple session Weekly Monthly Would not attend
Spiritual book study/discussion
About Unity (e.g. The Fillmores, Prosperity, etc)
Discussion group
Self help
Tai Chi
Walk / hike

* 2. What additional topic(s) for a small group, class or workshop would you likely participate in?

* 3. Which of these events would you be likely attend? Check all that apply.

  Morning Afternoon Evening Weekday Weekend
Game night (check weekday or weekend)
Movie night (check weekday or weekend)
Karaoke night (check weekday or weekend)
Spiritual / Holistic Festival

* 4. What suggestions do you have for other events?

* 5. Other comments and/or suggestions?

* 6. Are you a full-time or seasonal member?