* 1. Which FRCC campus store do you visit most often?

* 2. How often do you shop at an FRCC bookstore?

* 3. I shop at the bookstore for (click on all that apply):

* 4. This past semester, I purchased ___ % of my textbooks from FRCC bookstores (use closest figure):

* 5. What form of textbook do you prefer?

* 6. If purchasing some or all of your books elsewhere, please rank in order of of your sources (1 = largest source, 4 = smallest):

  1 = largest source 2 = 2nd largest source 3 = 3rd largest source 4 = smallest source
Online Rental
Online Bookseller/Publisher
Other FRCC students
Other sources

* 7. What are the main reasons you purchased textbooks elsewhere? (click all that apply)

* 8. If purchasing any textbooks from FRCC bookstores, please tell us the importance of each factor :

  Not Important Somewhat Important Important Very Important
Books returnable with proof of add/drop
Ability to charge to my student account
Guaranteed to get the right class material(s)
Convenience and service
Price is reasonably close to online
Ability to order online from FRCC store

* 9. If you rented any textbooks this year (from FRCC or any sources) would you do so again?

* 10. If you purchased an E-textbook this year, would you do so again?

* 11. Were there classes for which you purposely did not buy a textbook?

* 12. If you answered "yes" why did you choose to go without a book?

* 13. What other services or items would you like for FRCC bookstores to carry beyond what is currently being offered?

* 14. Please grade the FRCC bookstore in the following categories:

  A=excellent B=good C=average D=below average F=Failed
Textbooks available for class start
Helpful and knowledgeable staff
Convenient store hours
Favorable refund/exchange policy
Ease of finding items on your own
Selection of items other than books
Speed and efficiency of checkout
Pleasant shopping atmosphere
Overall experience at store

* 15. Did any of our employees provide exceptional service ? (please describe)

* 16. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

* 17. If you wish to be entered into a prize drawing for completing this survey, please fill in your contact information below (optional) :

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