IBM routinely seeks client input into our product development. Now we're taking that a step further. Learn about our exciting new storage virtualization management software.. and name it!

In server environments, virtualization has become the norm for providing for increased flexibility and improved utilization of physical assets. CIO’s are now turning attention to their storage estate. Enter storage virtualization and its ability to make real, tangible impact on storage costs while dramatically improving flexibility. With storage virtualization, physical disk capacity from multiple arrays is pooled together and consumed one virtual slice at a time driving up utilization. Virtual volumes are mobile from tier-to-tier, vendor-to-vendor, and site-to-site giving IT managers the flexibility they need to respond faster. Storage services remain common even across a disk array vendor change giving CIO’s ultimate control over the rising cost of storage. And management of the virtual storage infrastructure is centralized helping optimize people for the challenges of day-to-day operations.

We're piloting this technology right now, with a view to a full market launch in the summer. Now all you have to do is help us name our new baby. And in appreciation of your time in taking this survey, you will be automatically entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card.

* 1. The IBM Storage Marketing team has been working with customers, analysts and business partners to come up with a variety of names for this bundle.

Which name do you believe best reflects the description above: Dynamic, virtualized, cloud-enabled storage?

* 2. Would you name the bundle to reflect ties to SmartCloud Foundation?

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