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* 1. What are 3-4 words that come to mind when you think of the word "ceremony"?

* 2. Have you previously attended a ceremony offered by Daughters of Ishtar?

* 3. I am keen to enhance and expand the services offered through Daughters of Ishtar. I would appreciate your feedback about some options which I am currently exploring. What is your likely interest in the following over the next 12-18 months..

  Very interested Mildly interested Not interested I have friends who may be interested
Regular newsletters with information about the women's mystery cycle that Ishara works with
Women's ceremonies for the solstices and equinoxes
Women's ceremonies for the other mystery cycle points (ie. in early May, August,November and February)
Women's ceremonies at full and/or new moons
Goddess soiree: an intimate evening of entertainment, supper and conversation.. dedicated to a specific Goddess or theme
Seasonal gatherings to celebrate each of the six local seasons - for the whole family to join in
"Passage to womanhood" weekend process for 12-14 year old girls and their mothers
"Passage to motherhood" weekend for pregnant and new mothers
"Passage to wisdom" weekend for peri-menopausal women
A women's blessing circle or 'life-passage' ceremony created for me and my friends in my own home
A formal blessing or naming ceremony for my baby/child
An individual consultation with ishara to facilitate personal growth and healing in relation to a current concern or recurring theme
Introduction to Goddess spirituality - online course
Introduction to Goddess spirituality - face to face course
Women's mystery school / priestess training - face to face
Women's mystery school / priestess training - online

* 4. Ceremony has many potential social and therapeutic benefits. Which of the following would be important to you personally?

  Very important to me Important to me Less important to me Not at all important to me
Opening to the energy of the Divine Feminine
Greater clarity about what is truly important - my personal values, hopes and dreams
Enhanced sense of myself as a spiritual being
Feeling more at home in my body
Making connections between personal experience and more universal human themes
Increased confidence / feeling more resourceful
Fresh perspective - stepping back from the daily doings of life to see bigger picture
Stronger sense of myself as a uniquely gifted human being
Feeling more at peace with myself and my life
Greater sense of integrity and wholeness
Embracing my womanhood as a precious gift
Deepening sense of connection to friends and/or family
Greater emotional freedom through completing and releasing past experiences and relationships
Enhanced feeling of being in charge of my own life and destiny
Naming and claiming the gifts won through experience
Receiving love and support from friends and/or family

* 5. How much would you be prepared to pay?

* 6. About you