Rank the Biggest Problems Facing Business Today

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Various surveys from Forbes, INC, UPS, NFIB show widely varying opinions as to the greatest issues facing small and medium sized businesses today.

In this survey, we'll take a fresh look.

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* 1. Let's See if Company Size Matters in the Problems Businesses Face.  Select the size of your business:

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* 2. Rank these business problems from 1-15 with 1 being the greatest problem and 15 the least. Use each ranking number only once so each problem gets a unique ranking number. (If you reuse a number by mistake, it will erase the earlier use and leave it blank and needing a new number)

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* 3. Let's See if the Responses Vary by Work Role.  Select Your Work Role:

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* 4. Let's See if Geography Matters. Enter Your City and State: