1. Media Literacy, Hope Charter School, H. Songhai, Instructor

How important is text messaging in your everyday life?

* 1. Have you ever sent a text message or instant message?

* 2. When you text messages or instant messages, do you write in code or in complete sentences?

* 3. Approximately how many messages do you send in a day?

* 4. What percentage of your friends send text or instant messages?

* 5. Have you ever text'd your parents or an adult?

* 6. How do you usually send your text or instant messages?

* 7. Do you pay a fee to send text messages?

* 8. How many text messaging code words do you know?

* 9. Is text messaging a good thing or a lazy and bad thing?

* 10. If a group of students were to put together a text messaging dictionary, how many code words could you contribute to that effort?