* 1. After each episode of 'The Good Doctor' ASH plans to host a conversation to discuss the relevant issues in the film.
Anyone interested would be able to join...friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, other parents and families, etc. Would you be interested?

* 2. The Good Doctor premiered Monday, September 25, 2017 at on ABC.
It is now available for streaming with the link at the bottom of the guide, and each week thereafter. ASH plans to hold the discussion groups at Zippy's with the option for parents etc. to purchase their own food. Is this something you would be okay with? Do you have other suggestions?

* 3. What day of the week would be the best?

* 4. What time of the day would be best if it's on a weekday?

* 5. What time of the day would be best if it's on a weekend?

* 6. The National Autism Society Development team has been in talks with ProSocial, the social media marketing team working with Sony Pictures Television, a producer of The Good Doctor television. Comments from the discussion group may be shared with them. Are you okay with that? If not, we will not share your comments.


* 7. Are you interested in starting this on a neighbor island? Is so, which one?