Greetings colleagues in the Capital's arts community,

PAL Ottawa provides seniors in the Capital Region who work(ed) in the arts sector with affordable housing and personal support in a creative, caring community.  And, we need to hear from you today!
We have a rare opportunity before us, and a critical factor in our success is getting feedback from you about your current needs and interest in this older arts workers’ live/work space.  A few minutes of your time to complete this survey would prove invaluable and your responses will be kept anonymous and confidential. Please also share this with your arts colleagues! 

We are in confidential discussions with a strong non-profit affordable housing partner to establish a potential PAL Ottawa live/work residence located in the centre of the city within walking distance of public transit primarily for arts workers age 55+.  We anticipate occupancy in 2023 and up to 80 units.  The residence would have bachelor, one- and two-bedroom rental suites with rents ranging from market to highly affordable based on income and availability. Our goal is to offer up to 60% of units at lower rents through a special fundraising campaign prior to occupancy.

We also strongly encourage you to get on our Housing Waiting List now, using the form on our website ( We will be filing applications on a “first come, first served” basis and based on the waiting lists at PAL Toronto and PAL Vancouver, we expect demand to be high!


The need for a senior arts workers’ live/work space is an outstanding item in the City of Ottawa’s Culture Plan.  This residence would be similar to PALs that exist in Toronto, Vancouver and Stratford – providing affordable independent housing, and other amenities such as a multi-purpose activity space, bringing people together in fellowship to continue their journey as creators, performers, teachers and mentors.

PAL Ottawa was formed in 2012 as a charity dedicated to providing seniors (55+) in the arts with a community of support today and solutions for affordable housing/workspace tomorrow.  We are part of the PAL Canada network, a unique resource for those from all arts disciplines who, due to age-related challenges, disability, and/or low income, struggle to maintain a decent standard of living.  

The arts make Ottawa a great place to live.  Yet 2016 Statistics Canada data show that the income of most of our local arts workers remains below the poverty line.  The challenge of securing affordable places to live and work -especially for seniors with little or no pension- hangs like a cloud. The need for PAL Ottawa is more urgent than ever. For more information, please go to:

Thank you for your time and support!  

Sincerely,  PAL Ottawa Board of Directors