Listening Session Guide

How this Listening Session Works:
Welcome, we are so glad you're here. This listening session for one is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and opinions on reimagining public safety in Austin with City decision makers including the Mayor, City Council, the City Manager, and his executive team.

Each scenario has two sets of questions. The first set is "for thought". The second set is "for the record" and you'll enter your answers into the survey.

You can take the scenarios in any order and answer as many as you'd like, however we kindly ask that you complete the important demographic information at the end of the session.

Disclosure Notice:
Any information you provide in this survey will be analyzed for a final report to help with re-imagining public safety. The submitted survey responses can or will be made available to the public.  When answering the survey, please do not provide information that identifies you personally, or that you would not want to be released publicly.
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