January 2018 Survey Questions

* 1. For regional identification purposes, please fill in your facility's postal code or your Courses Name:

* 2. How many holes are you reporting on?
If you are a 27 Hole facility and operate as 2 separate 18 and 9 Hole courses; please select 27-Holes (operating as 9-hole & 18-hole) and enter your rounds played for each course. If you blend or mix all 27 Holes together, please enter your 27 Hole total rounds as normal.

* 3. Enter your total rounds played for January 2018 below. If you have both 9 & 18 holes to report on, please complete both fields. (A Round is defined as one person who tees off (or starts) at your facility. Example: If a person plays 18 holes at a 9 hole facility; that is considered 2 starts. Any start that requires a tee-time is considered a round.)

Click here for more information on how to complete the following question related to Weather Score.

* 4. Please enter your “Weather Score” for January 2018

* 5. Please provide the email address(s) where the rounds played data and reporting will be sent