Senior Connections is the designated Aging Unit for Douglas County, responsible for administering programs and services to older adults under the Older Americans Act.  The Agency is guided by a 3-year "Aging Unit Plan," and this survey is meant to gather input as we write our 2019-2021 plan. 

Your input is greatly appreciated!

* 1. What are the three most important issues for Older Adults in Douglas County?

* 2. The purpose of Senior Connections is to provide advocacy and a broad array of services and information, to allow older persons to remain self-sufficient as long as possible.” Please tell us what you think we could do in the way of services or programs to better allow older adults to remain self-sufficient for a longer period.

* 3. Are there other services, projects, or events that you have experienced or heard of from other counties (or states) that you think Senior Connections should try?

* 4. Of the existing programs that Senior Connections provides, please rank the programs below (that are listed alphabetically) in order of importance to you, with 1 being the most important (so 1 thru 6):

* 5. Please indicate your age group (used only for demographic purposes):

* 6. Please tell us where you live in Douglas County (town/City):