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Proposed Regulation of the State Board of Health, LCB File No. R043-20

The following questions pertain to how the changes in the Nevada Administrative Code presented in the enclosure will affect your business.  If it is determined that the proposed regulation is likely to impose a direct and significant economic burden upon a small business; or directly restrict the formation, operation or expansion of a small business; then the agency will take any or all of the following actions:

1.  Insofar as practicable, consult with owners and officers of affected small businesses,

2. Consider methods to reduce the impact of the proposed regulation, and

3. Prepare a small business impact statement and make copies of the statement available to the public at the workshop conducted and the public hearing held pursuant to NRS 233B.061.

To review the proposed regulations please click on the following link:
DPBH RPM Website or call our Carson City office at: 775-687-7550.

Please answer each of the questions that apply and add any qualifying remarks that may help us to understand your position.

You may mail or email further inquiries to:
Glen Gimenez, Radiation Control Program Supervisor
Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Radiation Control program
675 Fairview Drive, Suite 218
Carson City, NV 89701
OFFICE 775-687-7550
FAX 775-687-7552 (write “SBI Questionnaire” in the subject line)

Question Title

* 1. Please provide us with the following information:

Question Title

* 2. How many employees are currently employed by your business?

Question Title

* 3. Will a specific regulation have an adverse economic effect upon your business?

Question Title

* 4. Will the regulation(s) have any beneficial effect upon your business?

Question Title

* 5. Do you anticipate any indirect adverse effects upon your business?

Question Title

* 6. Do you anticipate any indirect beneficial effects upon your business?

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