a five minute questionnaire


I am Caroline Fraser, currently studying for an MA in book art at UAL Camberwell. 
Thank you for helping me in my research.
I am an abstract landscape photographer exploring the book as a medium for my work, and currently researching ideas around conveying the 'sublime' landscape through art, with specific attention to the artist's book.
I have a few short questions to ask you, and really appreciate your taking the time to respond.
Thinking about the 'sublime' in relation to nature and art it can be defined as
'of such excellence, grandeur or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe'

* Have you experienced a landscape that filled you with awe or wonder?

* where was it, and what was special about it?

* Thinking about landscapes that have moved you, have you ever experienced a work of art that conveyed that feeling of awe or wonder to you?

* what  was it? please describe it.

* what medium was it? e.g. painting, sculpture, music, book, photo etc

* who was the artist?

* what made it special for you?

* now thinking specifically about books, have you ever had a similar experience of awe or wonder in response to a book?

* if yes, what was the book, and why was it special?

* Thank you for your thoughts. I really appreciate your help.

If you want to add any other thoughts please use the box below.

Caroline Fraser