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The Global Judicial Integrity Network is a platform to help judiciaries around the world to strengthen integrity measures and prevent corruption within the judicial system. The purpose of this survey is to assess, in light of the disruption caused worldwide by the COVID-19 situation, how judiciaries are seeking to continue their work while respecting principles of judicial integrity and upholding the rights of parties, witnesses, defendants, and victims appearing in court.

This survey is primarily intended for judges, court staff, or other persons accessing, observing, or working closely with the courts. If you do not fit into these roles, you are still welcome to take the survey to submit COVID-19 guidance from your jurisdiction.

All the information gathered will help us to understand the variety of approaches to COVID-19, to collect experiences and practices and to shape possible new tools to assist judiciaries in their future responses to similar situations. The survey is anonymous, and we thank you in advance for taking around 15 minutes of your time to participate.

Thank you for your support of the Global Judicial Integrity Network!
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