Community Feedback Needed

Summit County is revamping the County's Solid Waste Master Plan and is seeking comments from the public regarding how our solid waste is managed and how it can be improved.
Summit County currently has two landfills. Three Mile Canyon located near Rockport Lake is used for household waste and has a remaining life-span of about 35 years. The Henefer landfill is a construction and demolition waste landfill and has around 7 years of remaining use.

The development of a new landfill is extremely costly and time consuming. The process is laden with Federal and State Regulations and will likely require local planning processes as well. Alternatives such as hauling our waste to other landfills outside of the County are expensive and subject to volatile cost increases not controlled by local government. Furthermore, exporting our waste could potentially subject the County to joint environmental responsibility at the destination facility and other unknown consequences.

The following questions are designed to help us gauge the willingness of our citizens to participate in programs designed to extend the life of the landfills, reduce emissions, improve water quality and save taxpayer money over the long term. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for being a concerned citizen.

* 1. Please answer the following residential and geographic questions, (check one)

* 2. Do you currently participate in any of the following recycling programs? (check one).

* 3. Through our partnership with Recycle Utah, Summit County helps fund large bins to receive glass at four pilot locations throughout the County. Would you be willing to participate in a program to expand glass collection and increase your access to this service? (Please choose one answer).

* 4. Currently, Summit County does not sponsor a program for green waste collection (lawn clippings, tree limbs, etc.). Do you believe the County should offer a green waste/composting facility to divert these materials from our landfills? (Please choose one answer)

* 5. Would you support the County constructing a sorting station or Materials Recovery Facility in the County to extract recyclables from the trash before they end up in the landfill? (Please choose one answer)

* 6. Would you support the County making it a requirement to recycle for both residential and commercial entities?

* 7. Based upon the questions listed above, please rank what programs you would like to see the County implement in priority order, knowing there may be additional costs.

  Most Important Important Somewhat Important Not as important as the other programs/services
Sorting Facility
Green Waste Program
More Glass Bin Drop-off Locations
Residential and Commercial Recycling Requirements

* 8. Do you have ideas about how to manage waste in order to achieve the following goals: extending the life of our landfill; protecting our air and water; reducing recycle truck trips from the County to SLC; or other programs that have sustainable costs?