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This reporting tool is designed for:
  • RPAY staff 
  • RPAY contractors
  • RHEAL Leaders
  • Groups borrowing skis, snowshoes or kicksleds from the WAFL Lending Library
To complete this report, you will need information about the activity or program you delivered including:
  • total number of participants
  • a full description of the program or activity
  • an estimated total cost that includes your time, materials, travel, etc.
Your report will be shared with RPAY board members, RPAY's funders, Yukon Government officials including the Minister of Community Services, and others. Please report accurately and write in a way that can be distributed publicly. 

If you have any questions before you begin, please contact Caroline by email.

Question Title

* 1. What is the title or name of the program or activity (resource, training, etc.) on which you are reporting?

For example:
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • After-School Club
  • Playground Leadership
  • Ski or Snowshoe or Kicksled Loan
  • Free Family Swim Day

Question Title

* 2. Please indicate for this activity:

the date it started
the date it ended

Question Title

* 3. This activity took place in: