* 1. In what grade is your oldest child at BSS?

* 2. How long has your family attended BSS?

* 3. Would you consider taking a leadership role, such as Chair or coordinator, in a BSS fundraiser or other major BSS event or program?

* 4. If your answer above was "no" which answer below best fits your reason?

* 5. What would inspire you to take on a leadership role in a BSS fundraiser?

* 6. How well do you understand the need for fundraising at BSS?

* 7. What is your preferred type of volunteer experience?

* 8. We would like to hear from you! Please answer any or all of the questions below and share any additional thoughts. If you would like to reach out in person, please contact Seana Dorich, Director of Advancement at sdorich@blessedsacrament.org.

1) Would you ever consider taking on a leadership fundraising role, such as Chair of the Christmas Bazaar, Chair of our Golf Tournament or Chair of our annual auction & dinner, Under the Stars? Why or why not?

2) What can BSS do to make involvement in these events more enticing to parents?

3) What prevents you from signing up to volunteer in a leadership role?

4) If you do take on leadership volunteer roles, what moves you to do so? Do you face obstacles when it comes to volunteering in general? Please explain. 

We are working to enhance our BSS volunteer opportunities so they both serve our parents and support our school. Your comments, perspective, and recommendations are crucial to this process. Thank you for participating!