ROSE Awards Nomination Form

Nominations opened August 1, 2022 and will conclude February 22, 2023. Public voting begins early March 2023. Three finalists will be notified by the Boise Convention & Visitors Bureau and will be provided two tickets each for the event. The overall winners will be announced at the ROSE Awards ceremony.

The Boise Convention & Visitors Bureau Annual Celebration and Recognition of Service Excellence Awards will be held on April 5th, 2023 at the Morrison Center. 

What is a ROSE Award?

The Boise Convention & Visitors Bureau (BCVB) has always believed in the importance of recognizing exceptional service, and that’s why it established the Recognition of Service Excellence (ROSE) Award for the Boise area.

The BCVB invites the public and the hospitality industry to play a vital role in the ROSE Awards selection process. There are three major components to this process: the nomination component, the voting component, and the judging and selection process.

The Recognition of Service Excellence (“ROSE”) Award honors employees in the tourism and hospitality industry who positively enhance a visitor’s experience during their stay in the Boise area. The Awards cover several categories, and are presented to employees who distinguish themselves through enthusiasm and exemplary service. We encourage you to nominate a special individual for a 2023 ROSE Award.

Who Is Eligible?
Non-managerial employees (with the exception of a Manager of the Year and the overall Spirit of Hospitality Award) in the hotel, restaurant, bar, retail, attractions, transportation, venues, tourism or hospitality-related fields, including the public sector are eligible to be nominated for a ROSE Award. There will be one Manager of the Year Award and an overall Spirit of Hospitality Award that managers and/or owners may be eligible for.  Employees should have direct contact with, or provide support to, visitors and customers, and distinguish themselves by promoting Boise and surrounding areas through exemplary service and customer satisfaction.

Criteria for Awards:
  • Nominations may be submitted by management personnel or a member of the general public. The person nominated must be employed in a non-managerial position and hold no ownership in the organization. No past winners are eligible; however, past nominees are eligible. 
  • The Manager of the Year and the overall Spirit of Hospitality Award may be awarded to a manager in a hospitality position as long as they hold no ownership in the organization.
  • The 4 (four) questions below must be answered completely containing specific examples of why this hospitality employee is outstanding in their job performance. Judges will score mainly on these questions, so please provide as much detail as possible. The candidate must project a positive image of their company and of Boise as a destination. A limit of two (2) individuals from an organization can be submitted for consideration.
  • If you choose to nominate someone in the Spirit of Hospitality category, we will be reaching out for additional information from you as we require a more extensive application for this category.
  • All nominations must be received by Wednesday, February 22, 2023 at midnight.  
Award Recipients

A Nomination Committee comprised of hospitality and business professionals will confidentially review all nominations and select up to four (4) finalists in each of the nine (9) main award categories which include: Accommodations, Dining/Caterers, Bar/Tasting Room, Behind the Scenes, Retail, Volunteer, Attractions & Transportation and Manager of the Year.

Question Title


Question Title

* 2. What category are you nominating for? (final category chosen will be at the discretion of the planning committee)

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* 3. Please answer the following in as much detail as possible (past situations and examples are helpful in the judging process).

Disclaimer: We will reach out to nominees for further information.