Severity of symptoms in patients with Parkinson’s disease: Evaluation of a disease specific questionnaire for speech pathology


(1) What is this study about?

In this study, you are invited to complete an online survey. All identifying personal information will not be collected and responses will remain anonymous. The questions in the survey will include a range of relevant topics such as personal characteristics, physical and emotional well-being.

This survey will obtain information about your background health status and daily routines. This survey will explore the impacts of Parkinson’s disease on everyday life and how these influence levels of physical and emotional comfort. Participating in this survey is voluntary and we appreciate your time when participating.

By giving your consent to take part in this study you are telling us that you:

* Understand what you have read.
* Agree to take part in the research study as outlined below.
* Agree to the use of your personal information as described.

You will be given a copy of this Participant Information Statement to keep.


(2) Who is running the study?

The study is being carried out by the following researchers:

* Zhi Ting Ho, student Speech Pathology, The University of Sydney, Sydney
* Hans Bogaardt, lecturer Speech Pathology, The University of Sydney, Sydney
* Natalie Allen, lecturer Physiotherapy, The University of Sydney


(3) What will the study involve for me?

You will be asked to go to a website which will show you an online survey. The questionnaire will also ask you some questions about your background. After two weeks you will be asked to complete a part of the previous online survey again, as this will allow researchers to investigate whether the questionnaire is stable through time.

If you don’t have access to Internet or prefer to complete a paper version of the questionnaire, a paper version can be provided on request, if you contact the researchers.


(4) How long will this study take?

The survey is expected to take about 25 to 30 minutes to complete for the first survey and about 10 minutes to complete the second survey.