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As Rarotonga progresses towards its vision as a Pacific Island fully powered through renewable sources, Te Aponga Uira (TAU) as the power utility is currently developing investment plans and strategies to provide for higher levels of renewable energy penetration, and the connection of privately owned generation facilities over the next five years.  

In doing so it is vital TAU understands and appreciates the interest of land owners and businesses in becoming future renewable energy generators noting solar energy is the top ranked source for the Cook Islands.  If this sounds in line with you or your business interests then registering your interest through this portal will start this process.

To proceed to the online registration form please confirm your understanding below that this registration in no way forms a legal obligation on the part of TAU or on your behalf noting the main purpose of this registration is to build an understanding of the interest in entering the renewable energy supply market and the possible location and size of such facilities to help with planning considerations.  By registering your interest your contact details will be maintained on a register and TAU will contact you via email to submit a formal application based on your registration of interest once space on the grid becomes available for new renewable energy facilities. 

Please note this registration of interest is for one facility on one piece of land.  Should you intend to set up a number of facilities on different pieces of land please complete one registration per piece of land.  Registrations on the same piece of land will be analysed and the most recent registration will be taken as the final registration of a facility on that particular piece of land.

Please be assured the individual information provided through this registration will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Te Aponga Uira Team

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*Before you proceed make sure you have the following information:

·         Land Section Name and Number where your proposed facility will be located

·         Number on the nearest power pole to your land where your proposed facility will be located

·         Size of your proposed facility