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* 1. Information

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* 2. Food consumption

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* 3. What do you think about the quality of fruit and vegetables available in Roehampton?

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* 4. Consultation on Community Food Enterprise
How would you like to be involved?

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* 5. What kind of CFE would you most like to see in Roehampton?

Thanks for registering your interest in a Roehampton Food Enterprise.

On the afternoon of the 26th October, the Plunkett Foundation will be at Café Joy to hear your ideas about the type of Fruit and Veg Enterprise you would like to run.

Community Food Enterprises come in a number of different models – see the Making Local Food Work resources page for some ideas

We would like to offer individuals the chance to attend a ‘study visit’ to learn more about how your enterprise might operate, and need to gather your ideas to pick the right enterprise for you to visit!

Please have a read of some of these resources before the 26th!

Looking forwards to seeing you