EBR, Sediment Management, Source Water

100% of survey complete.

Obtain community feedback regarding environmental issues, and projects.

* 1. What does EBR stand for?

* 2. What environmental concerns do you have?

* 3. Name one thing that you feel you or your family lost because of industrial development?

* 4. What is the EBR standard operating procedure?

* 5. What does CRIC stand for?

* 6. What list was the St. Clair River added to in 1987?

* 7. What is Beneficial Use Impairment?

* 8. Do you eat fish caught in the St. Clair River?

* 9. What comes to mind when you hear the word St. Clair River?

* 10. What does SMO stand for?

* 11. What is considered as an Area of Concern?

* 12. In our Area of Concern what are the main issues?

* 13. In 2004 what did Dow Chemical do to the St. Clair River?

* 14. What are the 3 Priority Zones?

* 15. What is Source Water Protection?

* 16. Do you know where we get our drinking water from?

* 17. What are some ways we can help protect our drinking water?

* 18. What do you think about our drinking water?

* 19. Do you drink tap or bottled water or prefer other?

* 20. Would be willing to do a personal 1 on 1 consultation with an environment staff member? if so please leave your phone number, name, address (jwilliams@aamjiwnaang.ca)