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The City Council is in TRANSITION to fill seats through district elections. 

This, however, is not an appointment to fill a seat for a specific district.  It is an appointment to fill the last two years of a "city wide seat" that was vacated by Mr. Nagales.  

Some SSF elected officials have opined a prerequisite that whomever is appointed would not seek election in 2022, upon completion of the 2 year term, as they would be an incumbent, which tends to favor an election win. While this agreement might not be legal, it still might influence Councilmembers on who they appoint.

2022 will see elections in 3 districts: 1, 3 and 5.

For more information and the district map, please go to our website CLICK HERE

{The purpose of this survey is to bring this issue to the public's awareness and allow the opportunity for South City voters to discuss options}

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* 1. Should a specific segment of the population in the City of South San Francisco be disenfranchised for consideration as a candidate for City Council, for a city wide seat, based on the location of their residence?

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* 2. Should the South San Francisco City Council require that someone who is appointed to City Council, be asked to waive their right to run for public office?

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