1. How do you buy music

As you probably know the music business is trying to adjust to big changes in technology and consumer tastes. We are interested in how you listen to and buy music so we can design a better way to buy music. We have some ideas that should help you get more music for your money with a lot less hassle. Thanks for your help.

BTW we are not in any way affiliated with a label or the RIAA. If you'd like a summary of the results call us at 212 981 2529 x13

* 1. Do you listen to music?

* 2. How do you listen to music?

  Only Mostly Sometimes Not so much
MP3 player (e.g. iPod)
CD player at home or car

* 3. If you listen to music on your PC, do you listen to

* 4. What if your ISP or cable provider offered a service that allowed you to listen to any music you wanted through your PC?

* 5. If you listen to music on your MP3 player, how do you fill it up?

* 6. How would you feel if you could download any music you liked to your MP3 player through a subscription service? (You'd have to plug your player in your computer once a month to keep it updated.)

* 7. When was the last time you bought a CD?

* 8. Would you buy more CDs if retailers (record stores)...

* 9. Do you have a favorite artist? Perhaps someone who has a long career that you'd like to know more about? What if you could purchase every album that he/she ever produced in a MP3 format at your local store?

* 10. Are you familiar with SD cards? The little blue cards used in cameras? Did you know you can load a 1Gb SD card with the equivalent of fifteen albums in MP3 format? Would you be interested in buying music this way?