1. Lummi Library Survey 2013

* 1. Do you use the Lummi Library?

* 2. If no, what would encourage you to use the library?

* 3. Do you use other local libraries?

* 4. What use do you make of the library? Check all that apply.

* 5. How satisfied are you with your library experience?

  Always Usually Sometimes Never N/A
With the materials in the library
With the library staff
With the library building
With the webpage
With the online databases

* 6. The library is currently open 8 AM-7 PM M-Th, 8 AM-5 PM F, 10 AM-6 PM Sunday. Do these hours meet your needs?

* 7. If no, which would be of more use to you?

* 8. What else could the library do to meet your needs?

* 9. What is your primary affiliation?

* 10. Do you have other comments for the library?