What should VoteWatch Europe investigate for you?

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VoteWatch Europe continuously seeks to provide the best insights into the politics behind the EU decisions. We follow on a daily basis how, and in which way, each Member of the European Parliament attempts to influence EU legislation. We also reveal the macro picture of the coalition dynamics between the Governments in the EU Council, as well as the make-up and break-up of national governments and other trends across the continent.

We are now asking you what we should look into next, so that our reports match the interests of our loyal readers. Please take a few minutes to fill in the survey below, which will help us choose the subjects of our next reports.

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* 1. What is your sector of activity?

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* 3. We are providing unique insights into how each EU Parliamentarian votes when it comes to making actual decisions. While politicians can be ambiguous when making electoral promises or answering stakeholders’ questions, it's at the moment of the vote on concrete initiatives when we find out what they actually took on board.
The activity and the actual voting track record of which MEP(s) should we look into? Please write one or more names of MEPs.

* 4. The activity and the actual voting behavior of which national party should we look into? Please write one or more names of national parties who have Members of the European Parliament.
(Feel free to make suggestions also with regard to which topics we should look into)

* 5. At VoteWatch we also conduct research that identifies who are the parliamentarians that influence the most specific policy areas. Our previous reports have addressed energy policy, digital agenda, environmental policy, trade or neighborhood policy, also showing which nationalities are over and underrepresented.  
What area(s) should we check next?

* 6. In addition to being a leading political intelligence source, VoteWatch has also become a great platform of dialogue with the decision-makers, as we've been found to be the platform most followed by the Members of the European Parliament. What would you like to see more from us?

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