The purpose of this survey is to collect information to give Montana Military State Resource Coalition (MMSRC) Stakeholders an understanding of comprehensive military community resource support accessibility. In the event names and personal information is shared they will not go outside the scope of MT Department of Public Health and Human Services Veterans Health Access Program Project Director, and will only be used to personally contact the identified individual to discuss their interest in getting involved in a Community Military Support Coalition (CMSC)

* 1. Are you or a member of your immediate family (spouse, parent, child, and sibling) one of the following:

* 2. Are you or the family member currently enrolled in the VA Health Care System:

* 3. Are you or the family member aware of the benefits offered by the VA and other agencies (Federal, State, and Private Organizations) as part of the military service?

* 4. Are you or the family member currently receiving financial benefits from the VA (as part of a service-connected disability)?