Discovery Session Questionnaire

If you're reading this, you've got a story in you that's waiting to come out. Perhaps you don't know where to start or you've already started writing but you haven't been able to finish. You haven't quite found your voice or been able to capture what's burning in your heart. Perhaps you've been hopping from course to course, hoping someone can give you the magic pill or recipe to remove your self doubt that your story doesn't matter, or that you have no talent and who would read what you have to say anyway?

I've been working with writers for the past ten years and leading retreats to help women write their stories. I'd love to be able to support you to do the same.

 Before I agree to work with a writer, I want to be sure I am the right mentor for her. The purpose of a discovery session is to determine if I can help you. Please complete and submit the questions below to help me understand where you are with your writing and my team will be in touch to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with you (valued at $375).
Please do not skip any questions. 

* 1. Your Contact Details

* 2. What in your life is motivating you to apply to join me on a writing retreat?

* 3. About your writing... please tell me

* 4. Please share a little with me about

* 5. What outcomes would you like to achieve as a result of us working together?

* 6. How would this make a difference in your life?

* 7. How did you find out about my writing retreats?

* 8. I would only invite you to join me on a writing retreat if I believe that it will transform where you are with your writing and help you to achieve your writing goals. Like anything meaningful, writing your book will require you to make sacrifices, commitments and investments (time, energy and money). How committed are you to making your writing a priority in your life at this time?