April 13, 2013 Expo SURVEY

Thank you for providing us with feedback about the Expo. We value your input and will use it to help develop activities and outreach for next year's event.

* 1. How did you learn about the Expo?

* 2. Where do you live?

* 3. How many people came in your group?

* 4. Which Expo Sessions did you attend? (Check all that apply) Also, please rate your experience of the sessions attended.

  Excellent Good Fair Disappointing
Wings of Wonder
Basics of Bee Behavior and Beekeeping
Timber and Grey Wolves
Great Lakes Grief, An Introduction to Invasive Species in our State and Region
Butterfly Gardens and Leaf Pile Gardens
Grandmother Moon Drummers
Our Furry Northern Michigan Neighbors: Animal Tracks and Pelts
Organic, Natural, Chemical Gardening
Native American
Where Water Quality and Water Management Meet
Build Kestrel Hawk Houses

* 5. If you chose Disappointing, why did you find it so?

* 6. What other sessions or activities would you like to see NEXT YEAR?

* 7. Will anyone in your group attend other EarthWeekPlus events listed in the brochure and on the website this Spring?

* 8. If you would you like to become involved with EarthWeekPlus 2014, please provide your contact infomation here.