Welcome to My Survey

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

You have been selected to take part in this questionnaire due to your involvement in the community right to bid process, specifically the asset(s) you have listed and/or submitted an intention to bid for, has been offered for sale. If you are unsure about whether you are the correct person to respond please contact me.

The research is being undertaken to inform doctoral research on the Community Right to Bid (CRtBid) at the University of Reading. Your input will be highly valued as very little research has been done on the CRtBid and this work seeks to highlight the issues and opportunities faced by those involved in the CRtBid process. The primary purpose is to understand more about Assets of Community Value (AoCV) and stakeholder experiences of the CRtBid and what is involved, within the wider context of developing more resilient communities. Given that little research has been done, any information that you can provide will be useful for all involved and I will aim to share the results with all those who participate.

Please leave the question blank if it is not relevant to you.

Specifically, the questionnaire focuses on: Stages of the CRtBid; Motivations, Expectations and Experiences; the Intention to bid; and CRtBid Overall. The questionnaire should take approximately 30 minutes, depending upon your experience with the CRtBid. Please answer the questions with as much detail as possible and attach any documents that you may feel relevant.

All responses will remain anonymous in all publications, contact details are collated for follow-up if necessary. Responses from completed questionnaires will be collated for analysis and used to form a crucial element of not only my doctoral studies but also to inform wider discussions with DCLG and Locality.

This project has been agreed by the relevant by the Head of School, under the University’s ethical policy for research. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via email: (t.j.lynn@pgr.reading.ac.uk) or telephone (07847478297)