Before We Begin

The full paid international benchmarking survey, Michael Menke's PPM Accelerate, valued at $18,000, covers 50 PPM best practices and offers a comprehensive recommendations report for each participating organization.

This sample survey offers an excerpt of the benchmarking study, focusing on 9 key Resource Management practices and aims to help participants understand how they compare to the industry leaders and recommend areas for improvement. For each of the 9 key best practices, the survey will ask 4 questions - how relevant the practice is to your organization, how important it is to your organization, how often it is executed, and how well it is executed. 

After you have completed the survey, we'll send you a briefing that shows how your answers compare against the best-in-class as well as average benchmarks in PPM Accelerate. It will also include some recommendations on how to improve your results. 

The answers from your survey will be CONFIDENTIAL, and will not be collected for purposes of furthering the study.  They will be used for the purpose of providing your summary.

This survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes for those familiar with their organization’s Resource Management practices to complete. If you're not sure about some questions, just give it your best guess. You'll have a chance to discuss the results with Dr. Menke.
8% of survey complete.