Thank you for participation in this survey. As a provider of safety net services, your organization is in a unique position to help develop a better understanding of the make-up of Maryland’s currently uninsured population, what their health needs are, and where they currently receive their care. That information, in turn, will help us to better anticipate the likely supply of health care providers that will be needed to meet the needs of the newly-insured.

PARTICIPATION BENEFITS: Not only will your responses help to support the State’s overall planning efforts, your participation can benefit your organization as well.

*** REGIONAL MEETINGS: Beginning in February 2013, the state will be hosting a series of regional forums across Maryland to facilitate conversations between health insurance carriers who want to provide coverage in your service area, and providers who would like to be considered for inclusion in their plan networks. Your completion of this survey will enable your organization to participate in these forums and will provide information that may assist your organization in building an effective business case for inclusion in the networks.

*** TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND POTENTIAL GRANT OPPORTUNITIES: In addition, the survey encourages providers to indicate the types of assistance or support that the State could provide. Please feel free to be specific in these requests. Your suggestions will inform future technical assistance and potential grant opportunities provided by the Community Health Resources Commission next year.

SURVEY INSTRUCTIONS: Participating organizations are asked to complete one survey for each facility/site they operate (for example, if an organization offers services through 5 different sites, one survey should be completed for each site for a total of 5 survey submissions). Survey respondents are asked to complete all of the survey questions and may go back to previous pages in the survey and edit responses. Upon submission of the survey responses, a new blank survey template will appear on the screen. Organizations that operate several facilities/sites can then proceed to complete surveys for the remaining facilities/sites. When you are done--or if you do not operate more than one facility/site--please exit the browser.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.