Please indicate how much you agree with the following statements

* 1. Which of the following issues do you think might result in conflict between you and a neighbour

* 2. After a dispute with a neighbor, I would feel uncomfortable seeing him or her again even if the conflict had been resolved.

* 3. If I had an issue with my neighbour the action I am most likely to take would be

* 4. In a dispute, I try not to let the other person know what I am thinking.

* 5. I feel annoyed when someone I am arguing with pressures me to talk about my thoughts or beliefs.

* 6. I do not like when people ask me to discuss my emotions in a dispute.

* 7. In the last two years I have had a disagreement involving an neighbour

* 8. A feel that we were able to resolve our disagreement in an efective way

* 9. Community Mediation programs can asssit by providing

* 10. I have heard of the community mediation program offered through the Mediation and Restorative Justice Centre in Edmonton