**Registered Charities eligible**

The Happiness Project was established by Team Management Systems to develop and sustain thriving charities, built on the foundation of great teamwork and leadership. Since 2017 we are proud to have been able to support over 300 participants to access our suite of Profiles through fully or partially funded programmes.

The Happiness Project's mission is to support charities with limited access to funding, to develop their leaders by providing tools and training to facilitate self-awareness, professional development and team performance.

We are currently accepting public applications for the 2022-23 release of The Happiness Project funding, and invite eligible charities to apply. Please be sure to read the following guidelines before you submit your application. 

  • Each application is limited to a maximum of 10 complimentary Profiles.
  • Additional Profiles must be funded by the applicant to a maximum of 15 per group.
  • Each application must be for a single charity workshop and cannot be split across multiple charities or multiple programmes.
  • As part of the application and audit process, we will require the Charity’s registration number and a contact name.
  • All Profiles and team workshops funded through The Happiness Project must be used in the financial year within which they were granted.
  • Complimentary Profiles only apply to the TMP, QO2, and WoWV (and do not include the LLP|360)
  • Allocation is granted based on submission approval. TMS will review and advise the applicant of the outcome or if any further information is required.
  • Applications for the current period will be closed when funding is exhausted.
  • The decision of TMS is final and non-negotiable.