The RMWB Advisory Committee on Aging (ACoA) is undertaking an assessment of the age-friendliness. An age-friendly Wood Buffalo would encourage opportunity for health, participation and security for its residents over 60 years of age.
The Assessment will help identify gaps and opportunities for improving the age-friendliness of eight areas of community life:
·        Outdoor Spaces/Buildings
·        Transportation
·        Housing
·        Social Participation
·        Respect and Social Inclusion
·        Civic Participation and Employment
·        Communications and Information
·        Community Support and Health Services
We will ask you questions whether your organization has a service standard that relates to areas of age-friendliness of community life.
  • 'Service Standard' means that your organization provides program services, policy or regulatory guidance in this area. It is 'Not a Service Standard' if you do not provide the service.
  • You will find that the area being questioned is not part of your organization's mandate or responsibility. If so, identify this as 'Not Applicable' in your answer.
 We are surveying both service agencies (this survey) and community members with a related survey.
This survey will take about ten minutes to complete and help to inform the Assessment. Thank you for your participation!


* 1. Please identify which areas of age-friendly community life your agency provides services in or areas your agency influences community life

* 2. Please tell us about the type of organization you represent

* 3. Please tell us what communities you provide service in