2017-2018 Title I Parental Involvement Survey

Dear Parents:

Your child has been a participant in the Title I school-wide program during this school year. Title I is a federal program designed to help disadvantaged students and their schools reach high academic standards. The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather information on how well the school communicates with parents. Please take a few minutes to respond to the questions below. Your feedback will be used to improve parent communication and parent involvement activities at the school. Suggestions on how we can better help students at school and at home are welcome. Thanks in advance for giving us your input.

* 1. Parents/Guardians of child(ren) who:

* 2. Were you notified that your child's school was a Title I school-wide program?

* 3. Have you been invited to a parent-teacher conference this year?

* 4. Did you receive student progress reports in a timely fashion?

* 5. Is the information provided to you in these reports understandable?

* 6. Has the instructional program been a positive experience for your child?

* 7. Has the school provided a variety of learning opportunities for your child?

* 8. Have you been kept well informed of the activities of the school?

* 9. Do you believe that you and your child/children were prepared for the transition from grade level to grade level and from school to school.

* 10. Does the school promotes family invovlement in school?

* 11. Does the school communicates its parent involvement policy to parents?

* 12. Do you feel that the school provides resources such as books, videos, and newsletters that help with better parent participation at home.

* 13. Do teachers willingly meet with parents to discuss concerns?

* 14. Do you feel that the school schedules various meeting times to accommodate parents' work and childcare schedules.

* 15. Do the school uses information from parent and family feedback to design or change school procedures and programs.

* 16. Do teachers inform parents what children are expected to learn in each subject.

* 17. Do you feel teachers provide parents with ideas on how to help their children with homework.

* 18. Do you feel your child's regular classroom teacher has the necessary skills to help your child in the areas of reading, language arts, and/or mathematics?

* 19. Do you feel the school provides opportunities for parents to have input in the operations of the school?

* 20. Which would be the best source(s) for you to receive information about your school? Check all that would apply.

* 21. I would recommend the following changes for how the school communicates with families:

* 22. Please list other ways that the District can help support you in your efforts to support your child's academics and social success:

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