1. Faculty Instructional Technology Survey

This is a survey of the Seton Hall University faculty, sponsored by the Faculty Senate IT Committee and the Teaching, Learning & Technology Center (TLTC). Its purpose is to explore faculty use and the practice of infusing instructional technology into the curriculum, to assess and improve tools and services offered to University faculty.

Question Title

* 1. Please tell us what type of computer you use and where you use them. (Check all that apply and mark at least one answer for each row.)

  In class In office At home On the road I don't use this type of computer
Standard laptop (e.g., T510, T520)
Convertible laptop (e.g., X201, X220)
Desktop PC
Tablet device (e.g., iPad, Android, Windows, etc.)
Other Equipment

Question Title

* 2. From among the choices listed, which one do you use most often? (Select one.)

Question Title

* 3. Indicate the number of courses of a given type you teach in an academic year.

  One Two Three Four Five Six Seven or more I do not teach this course type

Question Title

* 4. How much instructional technology would you say you use in the following level(s) of the courses you teach?

  Not at all Somewhat Quite a bit Very much I do not teach this course level
Introductory courses
Intermediate courses
Capstone/Advanced courses
Graduate courses
12% of survey complete.