Thank you for taking time to respond to our survey on Accela Citizen Access.

1. What services do you currently offer through Accela Citizen Access? If you don’t offer a service, indicate your desire to offer this service in the future.

  Available Now Would Like to Add
Apply for permits
Apply for licenses
Submit requests for service
Create code enforcement cases
Obtain a fee estimate
Fee payment
Document upload/download
Inspection scheduling
Lookup property information by address, parcel, owner, licensed professional and/or record number
Look up licensed professionals by license number, business name and/or license holder name
Look up education, continuing education and/or examination providers for professional licensure
Access for disabled staff or the public (section 508 compliant features)

2. What percentage of your applications are now processed online vs in person?
(An estimate is fine)

3. Did you initially announce the availability of online services to the public?

4. Do you currently promote the availability of these online services on your city/county website?

5. Do you have a dedicated URL or URL redirect for accessing online services (e.g.

6. How satisfied are your constituents with the online services provided by your agency (this can include services your agency offers that exclude Accela software)?

7. How satisfied are your constituents with the Accela Citizen Access services provided by your agency (this includes only services your agency offers through Accela Citizen Access)?

8. Would you like assistance from Accela to promote your Citizen Access site?

9. Additional comments about Accela Citizen Access: