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Cape Breton Fish Harvesters Association is doing a continuation of our ghost gear initiative from last year. The purpose of this survey is to collect information regarding lost fishing gear (example: lobster traps, ropes, buoys, etc) in LFA 27. Fishing gear retrieval is projected to occur post-lobster season 2021. We hope to gain insights about potential sites where gear was lost in the past season, particularly from our CBFHA members.

Please note that our goal is to return gear to their owners and reduce the amount of ghost gear in the oceans. Untagged or unusable gear will be properly disposed of at local waste management facilities or repurposed if possible. The project is being used for education and awareness, rather than enforcement.

Please complete this survey if you have any knowledge of lost gear, it should take around 5 minutes. All responses will remain confidential and anonymous unless contact information is provided. 

If you have any questions regarding the survey, please email 

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* 1. Which port do you fish from?

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* 2. In the past, where are trouble areas that you have lost fishing gear and believe there may be ghost gear accumulating (example: traps, ropes, buoys)? Please provide the name of the location- coordinates are very helpful if available.

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* 3. Are you interested in conducting retrieval efforts this summer? Compensation would be provided and the projected timeframe is mid July-October. 
Please leave your name/phone number/email below if interested.

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* 4. Do you have any comments, questions, or concerns regarding fishing gear retrieval?

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