In planning for upcoming programs, we’d like your ideas, suggestions and input. Please take a few moments to answers these questions!

* 1. What program areas interest you most? (Select as many as you like)

* 2. When you’ve attended programs, have you had any problems with…?

* 3. How important are the following to you?  Rate each from not at all (1) to very important (5).

  1 Not at all important 2 3 Moderately important 4 5 Very important
Comfortable reading area 
Meeting space for scheduled ADULT library programs
Meeting space for scheduled CHILDREN’S library programs
Meeting space for public use
Quiet study area
Space for computers and technology use
Social hours or events (ex: Meet your Candidates, Meet the Chiefs, Friday Coffees)

* 4. What’s on YOUR wish list?  If you could add one (or more) library services, activities or amenities, what would it be?

* 5. Please give us your name/email address below to receive information about upcoming programs!