Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

Please rate your recent experience with Webb's Electric, Heating and Air using the scale below.  If an item does not pertain to your service, please check the box in the "N/A" column.

* 1. The electrician/HVAC technician arrived within the promised timeframe.

* 2. The appearance of Webb's personnel and vehicle was clean and professional.

* 3. The electrician/HVAC technician was friendly and courteous.

* 4. The electrician/HVAC technician took time to understand my needs and concerns.

* 5. The electrician/HVAC technician was knowledgeable.

* 6. The electrician/HVAC technician kept my property clean, disposing of all trash and protecting surfaces.

* 7. The operation and maintenance of my system was explained.

* 8. Equipment and/or labor warranties were explained.

* 9. Work was completed in a timely manner.

* 10. All issues were resolved to my satisfaction.

* 11. Likelihood of recommending Webb's Electric, Heating and Air to others.

* 12. Likelihood of using Webb's Electric, Heating and Air again.

* 14. Please share any additional comments or feedback regarding your experience.

* 15. Electrician or HVAC technician who rendered the service (name shown on the invoice in the Technician column).